We Are On Summer Break.

We'll be back in August


Since April 1st we have delivered over 10,000 masks to families and individuals in Atlantic Canada. This has been a monumental task and we are thankful for the hard work from our sewing and driving teams and the support we have recieved from the community


We are taking this break to give our amazing sewers and drivers some down time while the COVID-19 Risk remains relatively low.  Our request form will stay open and the masks will be delivered when we resume operations after the august long weekend. 

In the mean time we continue to work towards growing the masking movement. From setting up community group mask assembly lines to teaching mask sewing to novice volunteers. This break allows us to explore different mask making and delivery options to come back a leaner, Keen-er masking machine.

Should you have an emergency need or are a non profit looking to distribute masks to the public, please contact Please expect a response time of 2-3 days and emails will be answered in priority sequence. 

We continue to monitor the risk levels for COVID-19 across the Atlantic Provinces. Rest assured that should the risk levels increase we  will end our summer break early and get back to the important business of masking Atlantic Canadians. 

We take this time to rest, recuperate and gather a stockpile of masks waiting for any resurgence of COVID-19 in the fall. 

Thank you for your support, and for your understanding. 

Be kind, stay compassionate and keep social distancing.  


Founder Masks For Humanity
Atlantic Canada



Making Masks for All!

Masks For Humanity is a Non-Governmental Group of volunteers. We need your help to get everyone in Atlantic Canada a Mask to protect themselves. All of our masks are made by people donating their time to sew and by others donating fabric.


All of our masks are FREE and will always be. 

Here at Masks For Humanity Atlantic Canada, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the world is a little support.  
We are a community based group of Sewers and volunteers who are giving back to their communities in these times of crisis. 
Through all of our endeavors we hope to display the conviction behind our beliefs that we are all Humans and that is our Community.


What We Do

Keeping you safe!

Our Masks

We make home made cotton fabric face masks for anyone who needs one across our communities. 

We provide Patterns, Fabric, Elastic, Thread, while you supply the time and elbow grease. 

Each mask is laundered and packaged individually in a plastic bag.  Our volunteers follow strict packaging instructions to keep you safe. 

Our drivers wear masks while making deliveries and maintain social distancing when delivering.

We maintain records to contact trace if it is needed.

Our masks are made from cotton fabrics in 2 layers. Most have a pocket for inserting filter material. Some have straps, Some have elastics, each one is a little different from the other. 

The masks are made with quantity in mind. Quality remains, but all the pretty stuff takes a back seat. There may be ugly stiches, or weird color fabric, or strange ties. But each mask will do it job of protecting you and protecting others. 

Want to help by Donating?

We are currently accepting Cotton Fabric, Fabric Elastic, Sewing Thread, Sewing machines, or  Monetary (to purchase fabric)

Want to help Sew Masks?

We need all the help we can get! 

No matter your sewing level, as long as you have a Sewing Machine you can help

We Need Delivery Drivers

The masks Need to get to the people and this is where you come in. We need people to deliver the masks to address across our communities. Sign up today to get out and delivering!

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

Helen Keller



Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

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